"What is the relationship of vibration to collective wisdom?"


ARTIFACT: Becoming Consciously Vibralingual

In the summer of 2002 the Collective Wisdom Initiative (CWI) convened a small working group that began an exploratory study of sound and vibration as vital and often unnoticed aspects of collective wisdom. A year later, CWI held a week-long intensive to not only initiate a line of experience-based study of sound and vibration related to collective wisdom, but also to create an artifact for use by others.

SEED PAPER: What Supports the Emergence of Collective Wisdom?

David LaChapelle discusses in detail certain field phenomena that enhance collective wisdom. (For a more experiential look at his practices based on these concepts, see David's Exploring Essence: Collective Wisdom and Group Experience.)

SEED PAPER: Inner Image and the Collective Experience

Carol Hegedus' paper on inner images in groups also contains a substantial section on body sensing—the sensitivity to subtle energies by individuals within groups—and how this capacity can contributes to collective wisdom.

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