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Magic in the Middle

Finn Voldtofte, calls our attention to the field phenomenon of emergence, a nascent ever-present potential of groups. Not simply an abstract idea, emergence is a phenomenon that can be experienced, recognized and engaged. Emergence in groups is when something qualitatively new arises from the relations between the participants and from their interaction, when we commit to think together for a cause and something wise comes from it.

Coining the phrase “Magic in the Middle" as code word for emergence, Finn identifies nine practices that can be trained and learned to grow our ability to engage and contribute to emergent phenomenon in groups. They are both individual and collective: inquiry, stretch, reflection on process, listening to what is emerging, ego understanding, experience with the difference between individual and collective, warm up, commitment and magic-meter.
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Grounded in Discipline, Open to Magic: Timeless Principles

In 2001 Mitch Saunders and Penny Williamson served as coaches to the planners of the second Synthesis Dialogue in Trent, Italy. This paper captures the "timeless principles" and "core learnings" of their experience, illuminating the leadership practices which enable gatherings that come alive. A detailed and moving narrative of their experience before and during the actual gathering can be found in The Story Behind the Principles and Core Learnings.