"What are the Roots & Seeds of this emerging field of Collective Wisdom?"


“As I dig for wild orchids
In the autumn fields.
It is the deeply bedded root
that I desire,
Not the flower.”
- Izumi Shiku, Japan (974-1034) -

Centered On the Edge

The Collective Wisdom Initiative began with the publication of Centered on the Edge: Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom, an inquiry into group wisdom. This inquiry developed into an exploration of ten arenas of collective wisdom, represented by the Doorways you see on the left. All of the content to be found through on this website is contributed by people who are living, studying, or practicing in the field of collective wisdom.

SEED PAPER: The Group As Art Form of the Future

Alan Briskin describes, in narrative poetry form, a story of origins and evolution of the Collective Wisdom Initiative since the year 2000. At the same time, he reaches back to describe some of the early thinking and seminal ideas that have led to what is now appearing as an identifiable field of study and practice. His narrative approach not only creates a sense of movement and unfolding, but illuminates many small but clear windows of insight into what may come next. His title offers a structure to hold it all, past, present and future: The Group As Art Form of the Future.

What is Enlightenment, Spring 2004

How might a story be told of the study of collective consciousness and more specifically the emergence of a field of collective wisdom? What identifying elements or unfolding patterns might be seen by interviewing an array of people actively involved with explorations of collective wisdom and research into collective consciousness?

The writing of such a story, although challenging, is natural for the sensitivities and skills of investigative journalism. Craig Hamilton, a journalist with What Is Enlightenment? rose to the challenge of writing such a story for their magazine audience.... [continued]