Transformational Meeting Places

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When people gather -- for a meeting, important conversation, healing experience or for creating something new, the place and surrounding of the meeting significantly affect the quality of the experience and outcomes.

Such special (transformational) meeting places are of a distinct and different order than ordinary meeting places. These are often described by their overall Gestalt, ethos or embodied felt-sense, as “aesthetically vibrant environments that come alive”, places that feel like “coming home”, “spaces that facilitate healing or generative thinking.” In broad terms, we have begun to describe these special meeting places as “transformative meeting places”. Transformational meeting places can be found, on all of the continents and in all cultures. Such places sometimes exist in powerful locations that are embedded in or imbued by nature. They can also exist and be created in any space or structure that is consciously infused with energy that is life-giving and life-supporting. The power and influence of transformational meeting places is directly related to the consciousness, the intentions and the social interaction of those who convene and facilitate meetings in these spaces and those who are responsible for their care and keeping.

You are Invited

If the phrase “powers of place” and this description engenders a resonance for you, check out the places we have briefly described here. You will find these and more detailed descriptions of additional transformational places at a sister website, The Powers of Place Initiative (POPI).


An Inquiry into the Influence of Place, Space and Environment on Collective Transformation

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Purpose & Intent

This part of the Collective Wisdom Initiative exists to point to and honor transformational meeting places around the world. Along with The Powers of Place Initiative, our intention is to engage those involved in stewardship of places and those searching for places to gather to enable and amplify the important work they are pursuing. Guided by the following questions, we aim — with your help — to identify and map transformational meeting places and the networks of people who are creating and supporting them:


Where are these meeting places that have demonstrated their transformational influence?


What are the characteristics and qualities they demonstrate?


How do they contribute to experiences of transformation?


What is the collective potential of interconnected transformational meeting places?

Our intention is to seek to further understand and articulate more precisely the nature of such transformative meeting places and how to access the larger energetic field of which they are a part. In doing so, we seek to make transformational meeting places more visible and accessible to groups who gather in service of a better world.

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