What is Enlightenment?
Spring 2004


EXCERPT: What is Enlightenment, Spring 2004

[cont.]..... The story took considerable time for germination. Time to find coherence. Time for key features, patterns and a storyline to fall into place.

Posted here at the CWI website is a segment of Craig’s story. It begins close to the work of this website, with a short segment on the unfolding of the Collective Wisdom Initiative. It then turns frame by frame to key elements we also had begun to see, hear and attempt to make more visible as aspects of an emerging collective wisdom field: the scientific concept of fields, self-organizing systems and chaos theory, decades of forays into dialogue and deliberative conversation, extending understanding of groups and collective phenomenon through analogies and attention to organic processes in Nature.

Here is an excerpt from the article, as well as a link to the full feature article, "Coming Together: The Power of Collective Intelligence." To consider some of the historical roots of interest in collective consciousness, go to Craig’s illustrated timeline “Collective Consciousness Across the Ages”[Hyper link to WIE website for the timeline spanning reprint pages 18-19.]. To delve into original interview data for the writing of Craig’s story, listen to any or all of the audio taped recorded interviews with an ear for focus on the study and practice of collective wisdom: Juanita Brown, Otto Scharmer, Rupert Sheldrake, and Chris Parish.