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In the summer of 2002 the Collective Wisdom Initiative (CWI) convened a small working group that began an exploratory study of sound and vibration as vital and often unnoticed aspects of collective wisdom. A year later, CWI held a week-long intensive to not only initiate a line of experience-based study of sound and vibration related to collective wisdom, but also to create an artifact for use by others. Three questions guided the initial inquiry:

• How does working with increased awareness of vibratory dimensions of group life enable apprehension of non-ordinary insights and wisdom?

• How might attention to vibratory frequencies involving voice, sound, color, touch, rhythm, story, and image facilitate our understanding of the invisible dimensions of group life? What influence might it have on a group's capacity to access collective wisdom?

• How can we consciously tune and be tuned in groups in ways that allow for a higher intelligence to be present and amplified?

A Listening Guide of 48 pages, Becoming Consciously Vibralingual, with accompanying 28 track CD is now available from this week-long intensive. Together they offer examples and experience, suggest practices and illuminate avenues of further exploration. A sampling of the CD and Listening Guide, as well as ordering instructions, are offered below:

Images and Narrative

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What do we mean by "vibralingual?"

Audio Samples
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If you would like to order a copy of the Becoming Consciously Vibralingual Listening Guide and CD, the fastest way to order it is to order it on-line using a credit card, or you can order it or any of the other Collective Wisdom Initative artifacts, by visiting the CWI Ordering Form.

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