to Group Magic - Interview of Ginger Charles by Renee Levi


James MacKimmie - May 22, 2004

Ginger's experience. Wyatt Earp in his diary, said he was ambushed at a spring by Ike Clanton and his gang. he got off his horse and then time "stood still". the bullets came at him so slowly he counted their revolutions, noted the weather and all the colors of feathers of a quail that rose from the area, noted spring and the clouds and every speck of sand in detail around him. shotgun pellets came slowly at him and he moved slowly in this scenario until he thought he best ride for help. All this took 3 minutes but he said it seemed to last for hours. I have had time stop for me in emergencies, or slow down. martial artists can do this in seconds where others takes minutes to respond. In a train wreck years ago, the Collective energy locked everyone into the scene. the injured (many) and the spectators. we all flowed perfectly, loving and helping everyone UNTIL THE COPS AND THE NATIONAL GUARD ARRIVED. then the bubble of love broke and everyone started to bitch at each other. the event so heavenly, became earthly and all reverted to "just plain humans" once again. but I saw it in the heavenly faces before "help" arrived. Ginger was in the Universal Dance of the Creator, available to all but we do need the "group" now, no more singles, I met some of them and they were incredible but the time for group action in order to open to the Collective is NOW. thanks, Jim.

email - June 10, 2003

Reading this story reminded me of an incredible experience I had with collective wisdom when my husband, Peter Rabow, had a heart attack. (See Saving Peter)

Sheryl Erickson - May 7, 2003

Oh my goodness! This is powerful. Thank you all for making this type of example available on this website. It is not only vividly real but also surprising to imagine collective resonance happening in such an alarming and dangerous situation.

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