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Inner Image and the Collective Experience:
Questions for further inquiry

By Carol Hegedus

1. Where do inner images come from and what is their meaning?

2. How do inner images relate to our experience and how are they useful?

3. What do we mean by image?

4. How do we know when inner images are for our personal knowing or whether they are significant for others or a group?

5. What might happen if we attended to and voiced our inner images to the groups we are participating in? How might this serve the greater wholeness?

6. What is meant by image and imagination?

7. The process of creative imagination usually involves "incubating" a question or problem in an intellectual way and then releasing it--but where does it go?

8. What is the role/place of individual inner images within the group experience?

9. What kinds of emotional images arise within us when we are in groups? When we are feeling emotion, do others look uncomfortable, are they paying attention, are there other signs of unrest?

10. Do we come into groups carrying emotional feelings? If so, does it really belong in the group?

11. Do I notice that my emotions increase every time a particular individual speaks or a particular issue in the conversation comes up? Why do I have such an emotional charge at that time? Is it the other person or is it coming from something within me? Is it a solitary experience or something the group is experiencing? What is happening?

12. What would the effect be on a group if someone were to say that they were feeling a very strong emotion like love, compassion, or deep regard?

13. How does a group/collective image constellate? What supports this process?

14. When we are in a group, how do we reach this state where awareness between our inner and outer activities is balanced and we are awake to both?

15. How do groups develop a collective imagination?

16. Can a group act and think in way that enables them to reach a transcendent state? What is that state like?

17. Can a group lift its consciousness into the Realm of Archetypal ideas or the Realm of Inspiration? How might this be possible?

18. What do we bring to the group when we show up? Are we really present and fully engaged? Or, are we thinking of what we're going to be doing next weekend or what we're going to say on the telephone call we're going to make at the lunch break?

19. Can we truly listen to what is being said as well as what is not being said?

20. Are we willing to risk being changed forever by what is being spoken?

21. Are we able to simultaneously feel our bodies, hear what is being spoken from others, and observe our own thoughts? Can we expand our consciousness to do this? How might that happen?

22. Are we open and receptive or are we closed and limited in what we can take in?

23. Where is our personal energy?

24. What is the energy of the room and of the other participants in the group?

25. What is the group energy? And, why does this matter?

26. Re the energy: What is its texture? Is it thick and heavy or is it light and open? Is it a high vibration or something muddled? Where do I feel the energy in my body? How do I feel emotionally when I sense the energy?

27. Where is my own energy as I connect to the room's energy?

28. How many times have you sat in a group and fought a feeling of being absolutely compelled to speak but didn't know what you were going to say? What might have happened if you had said: "I feel like I'm going to burst but I'm not sure what to say. This feeling has been building in me since we started talking about ___."

29. What are the images and metaphors that have come out of this Collective Wisdom Initiative?

30. What are your personal guiding images and metaphors that have come out of this Collective Wisdom Initiative?

31. How do our inner images help form our awareness? How do inanimate objects such as patterns on a rug, in a tile, in a liquid dancing up like a crown, help us to know the hidden wholeness?

32. What are the images, metaphors, from the Collective Wisdom Initiative that are guiding this work?

33. What energy do these images carry for you? What is your experience?

34. I invite the reader to sense the energy of these images and attend to the feelings within their body. What is the relationship between these images and feelings and this work?

35. What is an image that gets at the nature of collective wisdom or the process of getting there?

36. When we connect to our experience of collective wisdom, are the images that arise when we are in groups of a different order than when we connect to this concept individually? What are the implications if this observation is true? Is there something about the collective experience that inhibits us when we are in groups?

37. Can becoming aware of our inner images help us to actually form an inner imagination that enables us to realize a collective experience?

38. How do our innermost thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, mental pictures, inner sounds and other inward sensations guide us in our response to others, to ideas, to our own thoughts, or outer actions?

39. How aware are we to these inner dimensions?

40. What might change in the collective experience if we all were able to increase our personal sensitivity to this inner domain?

41. What other questions arise in you as you read and connect to these questions?

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