to Individual and Collective Practice of Presencing


Jayne Felgen - October 29, 2004

I am loving the synchronicity of this latest book arriving at a time when several of my health care collegaues around the world have committed to a bold adventure: a concurrent, multi-site and multi-level research study exploring the capacity of human potential in care delivery systems.

We'd like to focus on known variables (meta-analysis) that impact the health care experience of patients, families, nurses, physicians(and other health care providers). We imagine that human potential, transpersonal caring, relationship, presence, purpose/meaning, intention, leadership, plus the structural components of care delivery systems at the unit level, and organizational culture would be included.

Colleagues from England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong have committed to take this journey together. Lit reviews are in process with a virtual meeting in Jan. 2005, followed by a formal planning session to move forward scheduled in April in Munich.

If any of you are called to this work, please be in touch. - Jayne

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