Lived Experience
            "How do people actually experience collective wisdom in groups?"


Other Contributions
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Reflections on the Evolution of Collective Wisdom

Anne Stadler describes a group experiment in open space organization over an extended period of six years at the Whidbey Institute in the Pacific Northwest USA. In addition to the practice of guiding principles of open space technology, they aligned themselves with energies of the natural world by the practice of Angeles Arrien’s Four Fold Way. Anne’s reflections on how the group was convened and sustained over time, also includes illustrations of key learnings about collective wisdom. She ends by describing one of several streams of continuing focus from that experiment: exploration of what Anne identifies as “the co-creative conscious collective”.

Commitment…Action…Providence at the ’99 Parliament


A simple request for commitment for action at the Assembly of Leaders, Parliament of the World’s Religions became part of a chain of connections and actions with others leading to a significant, collaborative, world wide initiative. Peggy Sebera describes The Millionth Circle which introduces the idea of sacred circles to women (and men) around the world.