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            "How do people actually experience collective wisdom in groups?"


SEED PAPER: A Story of Radiant Networking by Anne Stadler

Anne Stadler shares her strong sense of the "field" that we are all a part of, that we ALL have something as yet unspoken that we’ve learned about being “taught” by the field we are invoking.  As we show up and share our learning, the field will open and awareness expand. Her posting is a personal reflection based on these premises: We’re all part of the original medicine of cosmic creation.  Just as each of our individual lives is a process of re-membering through Self-realization, so our collective life--our groups and circles, in fact our species itself--is Self-realizing, seeking union with the Universal field from which we arose. Anne's story is a story of being “taught”, being guided in her inquiry: “If the next Buddha will be a collective, how do I help bring that into being?” At this time, Anne is sensing the world is calling for this conversation. In her own words, "I urgently invite you to engage with me and others and share your learning!"

EXCERPT: Skillful Means from The Living Classroom: Teaching and Collective Consciousness by Christopher Bache

Chris Bache writes from decades of personal practice and experience working with fields of consciousness as they emerge in his college classrooms.  The excerpt we have posted here is from his book Living Classroom: Teaching and Collective Consciousness, aptlyentitled “Skillful Engagement”.  Chris describes the assumptions he holds and techniques that he uses in learning more about the deeper workings of the mind. This experience and insight have informed an emerging pedagogical approach with his students and his course work over time. The excerpt illustrates both the larger context of fields of consciousness and practical techniques of (1) preparing the class field, (2) nourishing the field, (3) visualization exercises and (4) closing the field.

SPEECH: "What is Collective Wisdom?" by Albrecht Mahr
April 2006 in Wurzburg, Germany - German version / Order form for conference audio-visuals

In late April, 2006, eighteen (18) colleagues of the Collective Wisdom Initiative came together from the USA, Belgium, and Switzerland to learn about and support a ground breaking summit in Wurzburg, Germany titled (just by coincidence) Collective Wisdom: New Perspectives for Resolution in Small and Large Group Conflicts in Families, Social Groups and in Politics. Those of us who came viewed ourselves as hosts and hostesses to the larger gathering rather than as solely conference participants. On each of the three days of the event, we met in circle morning and late afternoon, first in silence and then for a sharing of insights from our respective personal experience. We came together in support of the conference organizers, Dr. Albrecht Mahr and Brigitta Mahr, and the success of the conference as a whole.

We are tremendously grateful that Dr. Albrecht Mahr has agreed to share his opening speech, What is Collective Wisdom?, which was given to convene the summit. CWI had the speech translated into English (it appears here also in the original German) and it marvelously sets the stage for the presentations that would follow. Sobering and uplifting, the international gathering was a profound experience for those who attended. Grounded in complex and critical world problems, the event gave hope that reconciliation and forgiveness is possible even for those touched by tragedy and human evil. Mark your calendar for the next conference, the 4th International Congress on Collective Wisdom, scheduled for May 9-11, 2008, in Wurzburg, Germany.

EXCERPT: Pattern Stories from Centered on the Edge

At the heart of Centered On the Edge is an intricately woven braid of three strands of writing. One strand of this braid is a series of eight pattern stories written by Alan Briskin. Each story is an excerpt from one of the interviews, followed by commentary from Alan highlighting some of the insights and paradoxes the stories reveal. We call these "pattern stories" because the themes, organizational elements, and group dynamics evident in each story appeared repeatedly throughout the interviews.

SEED PAPER: Synthesis from the Self-Portraits

After reading 90 Self-Portraits of practitioners in the field, Carol Frenier was inspired to try her hand at synthesizing how people experience collective wisdom. This is very much a work in progress, and she welcomes your comments and feedback. What words or phrases do or do not resonate? What alternative words or phrases come to mind?

Serving Our Country: Collective Resonance in the Military

Jon Kirwan, a United States Air Force sergeant, was assigned to military duty in the Philippines from 1988 to 1991. In 1991, He helped evacuate active duty military members and their dependents from Clark Air Force Base due to the impending volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. After the eruption, he helped protect abandoned areas from lootings. Jon’s story of collective resonance among the men in his unit began with the opposite, extreme dissonance. These men’s journey to the bonds of friendship that sustained them through the worst of times and changed their lives forever is chronicled in this interview with Renee Levi as part of her doctoral dissertation on collective resonance.Voices of Collective Resonance.

Dying (and Healing) with Collective Resonance

Collective resonance can be helpful in our final, inevitable, transition…death. Four years ago Cathy Prins learned that her friend Mary Kaye had been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Mary Kaye invited Cathy, a muscular therapist and energy healer, to help her facilitate a “conscious dying process” that would involve and, hopefully, help to heal her large Irish Catholic family. In this interview with Renee Levi, part of Renee’s doctoral dissertation research, Cathy generously shares the four year process with its teachings, its inspiration, and, ultimately, its peace.

Collective Resonance at Gunpoint

In February 2000, Police Sergeant Ginger Charles from Arvada, Colorado had an extraordinary personal experience of collective resonance in the course of responding to a volatile situation. Ginger has graciously agreed to share her experience with us as she described it in an interview with Renee Levi. (The interview was a part of Renee's doctoral dissertation research on collective resonance.) After Renee engaged Ginger in a short visualization to call up the experience, the above conversation took place.
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