"What are the fundamental or compelling questions in the field?"


The Collective Wisdom Initiative stewardship group listened for an array of fundamental questions that seem to undergird and give direction to inquiry and mapping of the field of collective wisdom. This resulted in a small set of questions that we offer below as "starter questions" for those now gathering together with experience in this field. Please offer your suggestions of additions to the list. What is missing? What fundamental questions do you feel organize and guide the inquiries that have been underway in this field?


What is wisdom? What is collective wisdom?

How can we generate the wisdom we need?

Where is collective wisdom showing up the world? How can we increase and amplify its presence?

What are enabling conditions for wisdom to appear in a group?

What is the basis for real insight that leads beyond mere logic or calculation?

How does wisdom arise in a group? How do we know it?

What are life-giving synergies between the individual & the collective?

How do we begin to think and act as one, while enhancing individuation & differentiation?

What is the place of freedom in the formation of groups for collective wisdom?

How do we cultivate capacities of collective wisdom?

What might the experience and practice of collective wisdom imply for the rebirth of democracy?

How might practices enabling collective wisdom impact what are perceived as intractable problems between groups?

How can we seek innovation and cooperation amidst existing conflicts and institutional paralysis?

How can we participate in conscious evolution of our society and world culture by cultivating the capacity of collective wisdom?