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May 26, 2011

Leadership Learning Journey - An exploration of self renewal and into the renewal of a country
Jun 5-12, 2011 in Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
The Wise Leader by Ikujiro and Hirotaka Takeuchi
Excerpt from the Harvard Business Review
Lead Like a River
Jul 30-Aug 6, 2011 in Kasbah du Toubkal, MOROCCO
The Art of Convening - Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations
New book by Craig & Patricia Neal
Leading Change in Healthcare - Transforming Organizations Using Complexity, Positive Psychology and Relationship-Centered Care
New book by Anthony Suchman, David Sluyter and Penny Williamson
Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity
Peggy Holman's book wins the 2011 Nautilus Award for Conscious Business/Leadership

Mar 1, 2011

"Skillful Means"
Excerpt from The Living Classroom: Teaching and Collective Consciousness
by Christopher Bache
Wisdom of the Grandmothers
Feb 10-Mar 17, 2011 - Teleconference
Engaging Fields of Consciousness in a Living Universe
Apr 1-3, 2011 in Petaluma, California, USA
Genesis Farms' Earth Literacy Series
May-Oct, 2011 at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey, USA
Renee Talbot Self-Portrait

Nov 15, 2010

The Round Table & Collective Leadership
Excerpt from upcoming book by Diana Durham
Resource Guide on Public Engagement
National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation
Africa Bridge Founder Barry S. Childs Wins $100,000 Purpose Prize Award
Recognizing his Work On Behalf of Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
Earth Wisdom and the Promordial Mind
Jan 23-28, 2011 in Maui, Hawaii, USA
ALIA Europe 2011 - Re-Imagine. Re-create. Re-new.
Mar 8-12, 2011 in The NETHERLANDS
Human Systems Dynamics Certification Trainings
May/Jun/Aug 2011 in Twin Cities, MN, USA
ALIA Summer Institute
Jun 24-Jul 1, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sep 25, 2010

Fall Harvest Ceremony
Oct 9, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Coming Into Your Own - A Program for Women
Oct 18-21 in Brussels, BELGIUM • Oct 27-30 in California, USA • Nov 22-25, 2010 in SIERRA LEONE
2011 US Systemic Constellations Conference
Oct 28-30, 2010 in San Francisco, California, USA
National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation - Regional events
Oct 22, 2010 in Denver, CO, USA • Oct 29, 2010 in San Francisco, CA, USA
Oct 29, 2010 in Boston, MA, USA • Nov 5, 2010 in Austin, TX • Nov 13, 2010 in Portland, OR

July 11, 2010

Special Offer: Now available at discounted prices
Centered on the Edge: Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom (COTE: 2001)
Gulf Call to Sacred Action
Jul 13 - telephone/internet
Fields, Patterns and the Objective Psyche
Aug 19-22, 2010 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Special Guest Speaker- Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut
Leaders for the Storm - Meg Wheatley & Angela Blanchard
Aug 23-27, 2010 - Eastham, Massachusetts, USA
Contemplative Academy
Sep 24-26, 2010 in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

Apr 25, 2010

In Memory of Jon Jenkins, 1943 - 2010
Wisdom 2.0 Conference
Apr 30-May 2, 2010 in Mountain View, California, USA
Threshold Conversations with Mitch Saunders & Maryliz Smith
May 8, 2010 - Woodside, California, USA
The Art of Convening - Tele-Conference
June 1, 2010 (am series) • Oct 4, 2010 (pm series)
2010 Hollyhock Summer Gathering
Jul 25-30, Cortes Island, BC, CANADA

Feb 22, 2010

NEW! Powers of Place website
You are invited to participate in the interactive Powers of Place Initiative website, launched Jan 26, 2010.
Thriving in Uncertainty with Glenda Eoyang and Wendy Morris
March 1-3, 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Collective Wisdom... and the power of inclusion by John Ott, co-author, The Power of Collective Wisdom
Mar 2, 2010 online conference
Coming Into Your Own - A Program for Women
April 27-30, 2010 in York Harbor, Maine, USA
Apr 9-22, 2010 in the UK / Oct 18-21, 2010 in Brussels, BELGIUM / Nov 22-25 in SIERRA LEONE
Axladitsa Immersion 2010 - Apprenticing to Mastery with Sarah Whiteley and Maria Skordialou
May 8-16, 2010 in Axladitsa, GREECE
Human Systems Dynamics Certification Trainings
May/Jun/Aug in Twin Cities, MN, USA• Sep/Oct in London, UK • Nov/Dec in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA, 2010
Shambhala Summer Institute 2010
June 6-12, 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Entrepreneurs Walkabout with Glenna Gerard - New Mexico, USA
Part I: Jun 14-18 / Part II: Jun 19 – Oct 10 /Part III: Oct 11-15, 2010
Beatrice Benne - self-portrait

Nov 19, 2009

The Gift of Presence
Dec 8, 2009 in Stamford, Connecticutt, USA
Winter Retreat & Dreaming Ceremony
Jan 20-24, 2010 in Ben Lomand, California, USA
Dialogue Processes: Online Graduate Course
Feb 1-May 7, 2010 via internet
Rachel Mann - self portrait

Oct 5, 2009

Women's Dream Quest
Oct 23-24, 2009 at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California, USA
Women Moving the Edge
Oct 19-22, 2009 in London, UK
Maestro Conference
Oct 9, 14, 16 , 18 and 29, 2009 via web/telephone

Sep 1, 2009

The Power of Collective Wisdom - Available now!
by Alan Briskin, Sheryl Erickson, John Ott and Tom Callanan
Coming Into Your Own - A Program for Women
Nov 8-11, 2009 in Chatham, Massachusetts, USA
An Invitation to Global Spirituality
An Open Letter from Hans Jecklin
In memory of David La Chapelle, 1952-2009

July 6, 2009

Renewable Leadership: How to respond well to crisis after crisis (Meg Wheatley)
July 20-24, 2009 in Eastham, Massachusetts, USA
Global Arts Retreat
Aug 1-7, 2009 in Ananda Village, CA
Dynamic Facilitation Seminars
Sep 9-11, 2009 in Port Townsend, Washington, USA
Oct 26-28, 2009 in New Delhi, INDIA  •  Oct 26-29 in SOUTH AFRICA

June 1, 2009


Mar 1, 2009

Dynamic Facilitation Seminars
Mar 3-6, 2009 in GERMANY  •  Apr 24-27 in North Carolina
May 4-6 in Georgia  •  Jun 17-19 in THAILAND  •  Jun 24-26 in SINGAPORE
Leading Profound Innovation
Apr 5-8, 2009 in Toronto, CANADA
Leadership in a Self-Organizing World
May 14-17, 2009 in Leavenworth, Washington, USA
Authentic Leadership in Action - ALIA West
May 19-22, 2009 in Victoria, BC, CANADA
NEW! Our Luminous Ground
The CWI announces a newly created blog for conversation and gathering a rich array of resources related to potential powers of place on collective consciousness. The blog entitled, "Our Luminous Ground" has been inspired by the work of Christopher Alexander and his concept of a pattern language or "creating centers that bring places alive". This conversation space has been created to deepen our understanding of place, space and environment as influences on collective transformative experience. The blog invites colleagues in the field to share and discover our own wisdom around powerful gathering places. It was created and is being hosted by CWI colleagues: Karen Speerstra, Ria Baeck, Amy Lenzo and Sheryl Erickson.

Jan 18, 2009

Women Moving the Edge of Collective Presencing
Jan 30-Feb 9, 2009 in Landen, BELGIUM
The Edge of Collective Sourcing
Mar 16-19 in Axladitsa-Avatakia, GREECE

Dec 1, 2008

Facilitative Leadership for a Global World
Dec 14-18, 2008 in Ubud, BALI
Winter Retreat & Dreaming Ceremony
Jan 14-18, 2009 in Ben Lomand, California, USA
Dialogue Processes: Online Graduate Course
Feb 1 - May 1, 2009 via internet

Nov 1, 2008

Women Moving the Edge of continuous Collective Inquiry
Nov 14-17, 2008 in Leyden, Massachusetts, USA
Facilitating Wise Action for Lasting Impact
Jan 18-21, 2009 on Bowen Island, BC, CANADA
La Casa de Maria (Santa Barbara, CA) •  Vallecitos (Taos, NM) •  Windhorse Farm (Nova Scotia, CANADA)

Oct 1, 2008

Walking Your Talk: Using the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice with Lauren Artress
Oct 24-26, 2008 in Saugerties, New York, USA
Language of the Self: Translations of the Objective Psyche with Michael Conforti, Ph.D.
Nov 15, 2008 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Embodied Presence: The Art of Making a True Move
Nov 20-23, 2008 in Rosendale, New York, USA

Sep 1, 2008

RESEARCH: The Powers of Place by Renee Levi
An Inquiry into the Influence of Place, Space and Environment on Collective Transformation
The Inner Necessities of Leadership with David Whyte
Nov 18-19, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Aug 1, 2008

Dialogue Processes: Online Graduate Course
Sep 8 - Dec 5, 2008 via internet
Fifth Women's Circle of Development: "A LIfe in Relationship"
Oct 3-6 '08 & Apr 9-12 '09 in Holden, Massachusetts, USA
2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation
Oct 3-5, 2008 in Austin, Texas, USA
Generative Dialogue: Changing the World One Conversation at a time
Oct 16 - Nov 13, 2008 (5 consecutive Thursday eves.) in Vancouver, BC
Experimenting with Intention: Using Your Thoughts to Change the World - and Your Life
Sep 12-14, 2008 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA (at Kripalu)

June 15, 2008

EXCERPT: Democratic Dialogue -A Handbook for Practitioners by Bettye Pruitt and Philip Thomas
[drawn from the collective experience of four international aid organizations: CIDA, IDEA, OAS and UNDP]
Fall Presence Walkabout with Glenna Gerard
Sep 14-21, 2008 in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, USA
Berkana Women's Retreat
Sep 20-28, 2008 in Axladitsa-Avatakia, GREECE

May 1, 2008

Berkana's Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter
May 7-10 in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA  •  Jun 9-11 in Cochrane, Alberta, CANADA
Global Arts Retreat
July 11-18, 2008 in Ananda Village, CA
A Special Presence Walkabout: Exploring the Frontiers of Collective Consciousness
July 13-20, 2008 in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, USA with Glenna Gerard

Mar 22, 2008

Be the Change Symposium
Mar 29, 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
Art of Hosting and Convening Conversations: Taking Social Innovation to Scale
Apr 3-6, 2008 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Masterful Facilitation: Becoming An Inspired Facilitator - A 3-Tier Institute
May 14-16 •  Jul 13-16 • Oct 27-29, 2008 in Vancouver, CANADA
Co—Creative Stakeholder Engagement: New Ways of Thinking, Leading & Engaging
Jun 9-10 and Oct 16-17 at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, CANADA
The Shambhala Institute: Authentic Leadership in Action Summer Institute
June 24-30, 2008 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Feb 29, 2008

Leading Like a Woman: The new Paradigm for Wholeness and Balance at Work and in Life
Apr 10-13, 2008 in Troy, New Hampshire, USA
Conversation Week : Sponsored by Conversation Cafe
Mar 24-30, 2008 (almost) everywhere

Spring Ceremony of Renewal: Guided by FireHawk & Pele Rouge, Patricia & Craig Neal
Apr 17-20, 2008 in Willard, Wisconsin, USA
Living Systems Thinking: Using Nature's Tools to Grow as Living Organisations
monthly in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Embodied Presence Practice: Cultivating Awareness of the Field
June 5-8 in Rosendale, New York, USA

Jan 28, 2008

The Landscape of the Quest
A journey following the story of King Arthur and the Grail Quest through Britain's West Country
Apr 27-May 1, 2008  in the UNITED KINGDOM

Dec 23, 2007

Festival in the Workplace - Roosevelt Finlayson
The Creativity of Group Awakening: A Celebration for the New Year
Dec 30, 2007 - Jan 1, 2008 in Leyden, Massachusetts, USA
Living Spiritual Elders Project: Two 8-week Discovery & Discussion Series
Jan 7-Feb 25 & Mar 10-Apr 28, 2008 in Sarasota, Florida, USA
Women Moving the Edge of Collective Presence
Feb 1-4, 2008 in Geetbets, BELGIUM
Opening to Inner Wisdom
Feb 2-3, 2008  in Sarasota, Florida, USA
Coming Into Your Own: A Program for Women
Feb 19-23, 2008 in Briarcliff, NY, USA  •  Apr 27-30, 2008 in Newick, UK
Positive Energy: Findhorn Easter Conference
Mar 22-28, 2008  in Findhorn, SCOTLAND
Dialogue Processes: Online Graduate Course
Feb 4 - May 16 via internet

Nov 16, 2007

A Beautiful Revolution: Art installation of paintings and sculptures
by Dana Lynne Andersen, Ginger Gilmour and Annie Harrison,
through Nov 30, 2007 in San Francisco, California, USA
Song of Creation: Inspirational meditation featuring the paintings of Dana Lynne Andersen
Diapraxis: A Transformational Approach to Creative and Effective Group Collaboration
Dec 7-9, 2007 in Craryville, New York, USA
CWI Worldwide Maps: People, Events & Visitors
Club of Budapest's World Wisdom Council Video - Tokyo, JAPAN
Monterrey 2007 Forum (Sep 20-Dec 8, 2007) - Monterrey, MEXICO

Oct 31, 2007

Children of Iran: A Message of Peace from the Children
Sara McLachlan: A promotional video that aided 1,000,000 the instant it was produced
Veriditas Labyrinth Pilgrimage at Grace Cathedral: Healing in the Imaginal Realm
Nov 2-3, 2007 in San Francisco, California, USA
Living Systems Thinking: Using Nature's Tools to Grow as Living Organisations
Nov 28-29, 2007 in Aukland, NEW ZEALAND
Methods for Strategic Collaboration: Foundations Training
Dec 3-6, '07 in Amado, Arizona, USA •  Feb 20-22, '07 in SINGAPORE
At the Edge of Emergence: Dialogue & Retreat
Dec 13-16, 2007 in Leura, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Advanced Dialogue Facilitation : Creating Powerful Conversations
Apr 28-May 2, 2008 in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, USA
Winter Dreaming Ceremony: with FireHawk & Pele Rouge
Jan 23-27, 2008 in Ben Lomand, USA

Sep 30, 2007

The Power of Place - An Invitation
Dialogue and Field Dynamics: Connecting the Visible with the Invisible
Nov 1-4, 2007 in Florissant, Colorado, USA
Co—Creative Stakeholder Engagement: New Ways of Thinking, Leading & Engaging
Oct 29-30, 2007 at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Wisdom Unfolding: Dialogues from Beyond the Self - Conference on Constellation Work
Oct 4-7, 2007 - Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA
Dynamic Facilitation Seminars with Jim Rough
Oct 9-11, '07 in Port Townsend, Washington, USA (beginning of Year-long intensive)
Oct 31-Nov 2, '07 in Victoria, BC •  Dec 4-7, '07 in Frankfurt, GERMANY (seminars)
4th International Congress: Fields of Conflict; Fields of Wisdom
"Dangerous Images of Me and the Other & their Transformation into Collective Wisdom"
May 9-11, 2008 in Wurzburg, GERMANY
The Great Turning (Practice of Wisdom Council):
Education, Leadership and Activism for a Life Sustaining Civilization
Oct 17-20, '07 in Moultonboro, New Hampshire, USA
Essentials of Dialogue: Creating Powerful Conversations
Feb 9-13, 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
with Glenna Gerard (The Dialogue Group) & Elizabeth Fadell (The Enterprise Group)

Aug 30, 2007

Global Presencing Classroom: An Online Introduction to Theory U
Sep - Oct, 2007 via the Internet
Growing Elder,Not Older: Spiritual Retreat for Women and Men
Oct 13-14, 2007 - Woodbridge, Ontario, CANADA
Women Moving the Edge: for Women exploring emergent collective leadership
Oct 26-29, 2007 in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA
Leadership for Collective Intelligence II: Advanced Program - Steps to Mastery
Oct 2007 - May 2008 in York Harbor, Maine, USA
Presencing: Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change
Dec 3-7, 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

July 22, 2007

Global Elders: Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, and Desmond Tutu Have Convened a Group of Leaders...
July 18, 2007 news release • Nelson Mandela speech (video, transcript)
Leading Like a Woman: The New Paradigm for Wholeness and Balance at Work and in Life
Oct 11-14, 2007 in Troy, New Hampshire, USA
The Nature of Collaboration and Performance in Social Systems
A Society for Organizational Learning Knowledge and Innovation Network Retreat
Sep 12-14, 2007 in Silver Falls, Oregon, USA
David La Chapelle Retreats
Aug 15-19, 2007 and Oct 10-14 in Silverton, Colorado, USA
Embodied Presence Practice: Cultivating Awareness of the Field
Oct 4-7, 2007 in Rosendale, New York, USA
Women's Learning Journeys by Berkana Institute
Sep 30-Oct 3 in MEXICO  •  Oct 27-Nov 8 in SOUTH AFRICA
Berkana's Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter in 2007
Sep 9-12 in Louisville, Kentucky , USA  •  Nov 16-18 in Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA

May 30, 2007

Addressing the Blind Spot of Our Time by Otto Scharmer
               an executive summary of the new book, Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges
Medicine Wheel Teachings: A Foundation Ceremonial Journey in the Study of Restoring Wholeness
July - Dec, 2007 in Boulder Creek, California, USA
Fields of Healing: Wisdom and the New Sciences (Summer Conference)
July 10 - 17, 2007 in Assisi, ITALY
Co-Creating What's Next: A Learning Lab for Sensing and Shaping the Future
Jul 25 - 27, 2007 in Berkeley, California, USA
Global Campus: International Summer University
July 19 - 28, 2007 in Tamera, PORTUGAL
Synergy: Approaching Collective Wisdom (Ten Day Summer Camp)
July 26 - Aug 5, 2007 in Belzig, GERMANY
Story Field Conference: Invoking a New World Through Story
Aug 26 - 31, 2007 at Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado, USA

Apr 18, 2007

World Map showing recent visitors to the CWI site
Berkana Women's Leadership Revival Tour
Apr 23 in Montreal, Quebec • May 11 in Westbrook, CT • May 17 in Chicago, IL •
       May 19 in Minneapolis, MN • Jun 7 in Louisville, KT • Jun 22 in Nashville, TN
Family Constellations and Their Contribution to Health with Bert Hellinger
May 1 & 2, 2007 - Rockville, Maryland, USA
Awakening Global Action: Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom, Dialogue for a Transforming World
July 31 - Aug 7 in Ubud, BALI
New magazine and website: Offerings, A co-creative field for evolving women
Margaret Benefiel self-portrait
An excerpt of the Argentina Dialogue, from
Solving Tough Problems: An Open Way of Talking, Listening and Creating New Realities
by Adam Kahane
The Art & Practice of Presencing workshop with Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge
Jun 15, 2007 at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York, USA
Living Spiritual Elders Project: Discovery and Discussion Series
May 28 - July 16, 2007 - Saco, Maine, USA
Joan Lederman self-portrait

Mar 9, 2007

Call for Photos: Doorways, Tunnels, and Threshholds
Conversation Week: Celebrating the Power of Conversation to Change the World
March 25-31, 2007 Happening wherever you are
9th International Conference on Science and Consciousness
Apr 20-25, 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Dialogue as a Spiritual Practice: A Four-Part Series
Apr 27-29; Jul 6-8; Oct 5-7; Nov 16-18, 2007 in Saugerties, New York, USA
Creating Productive Conversations: An Action Design Institute 5-day program
April 29-May 4, 2007 in Newton, Massachusetts, USA
World Cafe Europe
May 3-5, 2007 in Dresden, GERMANY
Presencing: Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change
May 14-18, 2007 in Hancock, Massachusetts, USA
Kabbalah, Myth, and Archetype: Reviving the Ancient Teachings
with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
May 18, 2007 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

Feb 19, 2007

SUN Magazine: Resource for cultivating capacities for collective wisdom
Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability
Feb 20-23, 2007 in Sausalito, California, USA
Nexus for Change: Advancing participative change methods
Mar 22-23, 2007 in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
Mind & Life Summer Research Institute
June 3-9, 2007 in Garrison, New York, USA
Presence Walkabouts with Glenna Gerard
Jun 24-Jul 1 and Sep 30-Oct 7, 2007 in New Mexico, USA

Jan 28, 2007

Sense of Wonder: Maintaining The Capacity to Be Surprised - book excerpt
by Jon & Maureen Jenkins
Three Circles - Business/Technology/Spirituality: A Newsletter from the Kaipa Group
Emergent Change: A Co-Creative Approach
Feb 5-8, 2007 in Chinook, Washington, USA
Coaching at the Core: Seminar
Feb 9-11, 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Dialogue Game: Learn about the Power of Questions
Feb 17, 2007 in Fulda, GERMANY
Applied Collective Wisdom: Gateways into Collective connectedness
June'07/Oct'07/Jan'08 in BELGIUM
The Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership: Summer Program
June 24-30, 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Dec 18, 2006

A Spiritual Experience: Slide Show with Music
Winter Dreaming Ceremony
Jan 25-28, 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, USA
Coming into Your Own: A Retreat For Women in Transition
Feb 21-25, 2006 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Dialogue Processes: Online Grad Course
Feb 5 - May 18, 2006 via internet
Embodied Presence Practice: Cultivating Awareness of the Field
April 12-15, 2007 in Rosendale, New York, USA
Women Moving the Edge: Women and Leadership for the Future
Mar 3-6, 2007 in Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, BELGIUM
Meeting in Circle: DVD of Multi-cultural Intergenerational Womens' Group

Nov 12, 2006

SEEDED CONVERSATIONS: An Invitation for Your Participation    
Our first two conversations:
Speech by Albrecht Mahr at the international conference on Collective Wisdom

Oct 15, 2006

New People Gallery: See and sense the whole through its parts
Appreciative Inquiry Workshops
Dec 11-14, 2006 in Florida & Mar 19-22, 2007 in Ohio
Constellations & Shamanistic Seminars
Nov 28-29 & Dec 1-3 in Germany - Feb '07 in Switzerland and Austria

Sep 17, 2006

The Art of Hosting and Convening Meaningful Conversation
September 24-27, 2006 - Bowen Island, British Columbia, CANADA

Living Spiritual Elders Project: Discovery and Discussion Series
September 28-November 16, 2006

Zeitgeist, Visionary Art Exhibition by Dana Lynne Andersen
October 27, 2006 - Petaluma, California, USA
Collective Wisdom: Gathering Circles of Elders - Elderpresence
October 19-22, 2006 - Ashland, Oregon, USA

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