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Aug 15, 2006

"What is Collective Wisdom?" - opening speech by conference convener, Albrecht Mahr, International Congress on Collective Wisdom, Wurzburg, Germany
October 22-26 Gathering: "Moving the Edge" in Aarhus, Denmark

June 30, 2006

Dalai Lama Public Talk - September 17 in Denver, USA
Meeting the Collective Shadow - September 10-13 in Wilderswil, SWITZERLAND
Conscious Evolution of Peace - July 22 in Ojai, California, USA

May 26, 2006

International Constellation Intensive: Aug 3 - 9, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Exploring our Collective Potential: Aug 19-25, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Summer Intensive - Focusing Practice: Aug 21-27, New York, USA

Mapping Dialogue: Tools & Processes for Social Change by Pioneers of Change

April 26, 2006

Archetypes & Wisdom Seminars: • Vermont (May) • Italy (July) • Vermont (Sept)

March 10, 2006

June & September Walkabouts in Santa Fe:
Creating Conditions for Individual and Collective Wisdom
Karen Sella self-portrait
Nigel Catterson self-portrait

February 17, 2006

 Peter Goldsbury self-portrait
Donella Meadows addition to Social Applications

January 11, 2006

April 28-30 Conference: "Collective Wisdom" in Wurzburg, Germany
March 20-23 Gathering: "Moving the Edge" in Aarhus, Denmark
Nancy Margulies self-portrait

October 30, 2005


June 4, 2005

World Cafe by David Isaacs, Alexander Schieffer and Bo Gyllenpalm
Magic in the Middle by Finn Voldtofte
Ria Baeck self-portrait and her paper, Building the Circle Being

Feb 27, 2005


Jan 27, 2005

Interview with Lauren Artress
Anne Stadler self-portrait

Jan 5, 2005

Redesigned site map
Pattern Stories from Centered on the Edge
Pattern Story Collage
 Renee Moorefield self-portrait 

Dec 19, 2004

 Judy Brown self-portrait 

Nov 14, 2004


Oct 25, 2004

New Doorway: Roots
Excerpt from What is Enlightenment
Rhode Island School of Design's Dynamic Map

Excerpt from Senge, Jaworski, Scharmer and Flower's Presence

Sep 25, 2004


Bob Stilger  •  Jeff Hutner  •  Avril Reed

Aug 15, 2004


Katrin Kaeufer  •  Barbara Nussbaum  •  Myriam Laberge  • Stephanie Ryan

July 12, 2004


John Ott  •  Richard Austin  

July 8, 2004


Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi  •  Karen Buckley

Engaging the Imaginal Realm by Carol Frenier & Lois Hogan

July 3, 2004


Theory and Practice for the Generation of Group Wisdom by David La Chapelle


June 27, 2004


Nurturing the Emergence of Collective Wisdom by Pele Rouge

David Sibbet self-portrait

June 7, 2004


Archetypal Practices for Collective Wisdom by Tom Hurley

Bob Cannon  •  John Renesch

May 24, 2004


Interview of Susan Lanier by Otto Scharmer

What Can Science Tell Us About Collective Consciousness? by Robert Kenny

May 1, 2004


Marguerite Theophil  •  Homayun Taba

Interview of Arthur Zajonc by Otto Scharmer

April 18, 2004


Beyond Innocence: Creating a Space for Wisdom in Organizations

by Kate Regan

March 10, 2004


Interview of the Circle of Seven by Otto Scharmer

March 6, 2004


Marti Anderson  •  Craig Neal

February 22, 2004


Linkages to Centered On the Edge added

Mapping the Field of Collective Wisdom

The Story Behind Mapping the Field of Collective Wisdom

February 8, 2004


Jack Gilles  •  Betty Alexander  •  Phil Mirvis

New addition to Social Application: Haiti Newsletter

January 19, 2004


Commitment, Action, Providence by Peggy Sebera

Group Magic: An Inquiry into Collective Resonance by Renee Levi

January 11, 2004


Cultivation Tools  •  Maps & Mapping  •  Research: Group Mind

Maps of Collective Resonance by Renee Levi

January 10, 2004


George Por  •  Peggy Sebera  •  Meredith Jordan

 December 20, 2003
Self-Portraits: Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea, Michele Levey, Joel Levey, Finn Voldtofte
Collective Resonance in the Military

 December 3, 2003
Self-Portraits: Ocean & Michele Robbins, Barry Childs, Jim Botkin, Karen Speerstra, Dawn Adams, Jack Gilles

 November 17, 2003
New doorway images for Aesthetics, Inquiry and Practices
Dying (and Healing) with Collective Resonance interview
Self-Portraits: Peter & Esther Fisher, Jim Rough

 October 19, 2003
Self-Portraits: Roger Benson, Sydney Rice

 September 28, 2003
NASA Images from Space photo gallery
New Self-Portraits: Arthur Colman, Linda Crawford, Nancy Edwards, Glenna Gerard, David Goff, Elizabeth Jetton, David LaChapelle, Monica Manning, Roger Nelson, Prasad Kaipa
The Dark Ecstatic and Collective Wisdom paper by Arthur Colman

 August 31, 2003
What are the Images and Metaphors... paper by Carol Hegedus
Chris Bache, Terri O'Fallon Self-Portraits
Personal Disciplines of a Facilitator Paper by Jon Jenkins
Pele Rouge Self-Portrait

 July 30, 2003
New Self-Portraits:Eric Best, Dinesh Chandra, Jayne Felgen, Jon Jenkins
Deepening Democracy Seed Paper by Rosa Zubizarreta
Tom Atlee Self-Portrait

May 17, 2003
The Courage to Convene Seed Paper by Vicki Robin
Whole Systems Engagement by Laberge & Svendsen, Simon Fraser University
Collective Resonance at Gunpoint Interview by Renee Levi

April 21, 2003
Circle as Sacred Container Seed Paper by FireHawk, Pele, & the Veltrops
More Pia Davis photos and commentary
FireHawk and Renee Levi Self-Portraits
Pia Davis photos
Rosa Zubizarreta Self-Portrait
Margaret Vaughan Art Blocks

April 21, 2003
Amy Lenzo Self-Portrait
Grounded in Discipline, Open to Magic papers by Mitch Saunders and Penny Williamson
Bill and Marilyn Veltrop Self-Portraits
Emergence of Collective Wisdom by David LaChapelle

February 19, 2003
Barbara Cecil (Coffman) and Michael Cecil self-portraits
Inner Image and Collective Experience by Carol Hegedus
Dawning of Free Communities for Collective Wisdom by Arthur Zajonc

January 18, 2003
Audio clip of Alan Briskin reading The Least Qualified Among Us