Tips for Getting Around...


The Site Map provides an overview of the entire site, including links to individual documents and contributions. The Gallery of Galleries provides a non-linear way to experience the site. Still another way to explore the offerings here is to take advantage of the multiple links on each page connecting it with other parts of the site:

Click on bold text

Most, but not all, text that is in bold, is a link to somewhere on the site or to the web. You can tell which is which by passing your mouse pointer over the text and seeing the color change. For instance, Click on bold text is not a link, but Site Map and Gallery of Galleries are. A click will take you there, and in most cases, using the "back" button of your browser will get you back.

Click on Photos

Almost any image or photo can be clicked on, acting as a portal to take you somewhere else in the site. Often, this image takes you to a a larger, more detailed image, with a descriptive caption and artist information.

For instance, try clicking on this image of the back of a truck. When you get to the larger photo, you will have the option of seeing a photo gallery of other images from Haiti. In this particular case, the caption also includes links to two related documents from the Collective Wisdom Initiative site. You can explore much of the site this way, without ever going to the navigation menu.

Search for text anywhere on the site

In the upper right-hand corner of almost every page is the tool, to help you locate specific names, topics, or phrases. It tries to match your target words with those found in the hundreds of pages on this site. Every single word and phrase on the site is indexed, although a page less than two weeks old may not have been indexed. You are given an option to continue the search through the whole web after the initial search is done. Use this tool the same way you would use Google. In fact, it actually is the Google search engine, only restricted to this site. See Google for search tips.

If you ever get lost...

Nearly every page has navigation menus on the left and the bottom, or a navigation bar in the upper left-hand corner. And don't forget your browser's "back" button. You can almost always get back to where you started this way.