Guidelines for Submissions


If the documents, images or audio clips you want us to consider are not your own, we will need written permission from the author or artist to reproduce them here. We will, of course, include copyright notices, as long as you include them with the submission. Following the guidelines, below, will help us consider your submission:


Short but descriptive. Also, suggest where on the site you think this document would be best placed. We may wind up putting it someplace else, but as the site gets richer and more complex, a hint about where you think it belongs will be very helpful to us. Also, let us know if you see any other place on our site that should have links directly to this article.

Summary (25-100 words)

The description should be enough information for someone to know whether they want to open up the document, but not so long it’s a document in itself.

Document format

WORD is best. We can translate some other formats, but if you can get it into WORD format, it will save us a great deal of effort. It’s OK to have pictures or graphics embedded in the WORD file. Please make sure the document is properly attributed to the source.


Let us know if there are any mentions of web addresses in your article and I’ll be sure to make sure they are properly linked on the web site. If there are other sites that relate to this submission, mention them as well, either in the article or in the summary.

Supplementary photos or graphics

If you have any photos that supplement the document (or can give us web links to them), please send them. A few photos can make a document come to life and it’s easy for us to insert them. If they are not already embedded in the document, suggest where in the text we should insert them. We will probably choose one of them as a thumbnail to put with the description (see our Social Application page for examples of how we'd like to be able to use photos). They can be in almost any electronic format (JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.).


We can convert audio in most forms including cassette tape and audio CD. We still would like a title and summary and suggestion for where the clip might go. A photo or graphic would be nice, too.

Submissions can be emailed to Terri Seever