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Carlotta Tyler


What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

My adult life has been a quest to identify the essential feminine Kore and to apply it in ways that enable women to access their authentic female voice and apply it with grounded agency as a complement to men’s leadership. This is critical work at this time of rapid change and increasing uncertainty. One half of the population does not have to do it all alone. The other half does not have the full scope to do that.

My exploration began in 1982 with the question: “What do women experience when they go for positions of power, influence and authority in our society?” I surveyed the only people who overtly compete for positions of power in our culture, political candidates. I discovered unique leadership qualities and attributes among those women who won office.

I was curious to know: “Is the gender role enculturation for girls and boys that takes place in childhood similar across cultures?” Affirmative. Which led me to the next question: "How can women apply their unique strengths to constructive leadership alongside men in arenas of decision making?"

In fact, as I think on it… adult life has been one question after another.

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

Transcendence occurs on individual and collective levels when people take the time and have a safe space to share stories, listen deeply, establish trust, bond and breathe together. Time and again, when participating in both mixed gender and wholly female groups dedicated to heightening human consciousness, I have experienced personal and group transformation and, later, focused activism. This dynamic has occurred in political campaigns that support a candidate who inspires others for the greater good of the whole, in consciousness-raising groups for the social justice movement throughout the 70’s, on the Board of a grassroots national women’s peace action organization and, recently, in a gender reconciliation training group. The wisdom process followed a trajectory that involved first connecting with self, then other and finally expanding the field exponentially to include universal consciousness.

In our work with women our greatest challenge is to gain a woman’s attention in a culture awash with distraction. We repeatedly observe the healing and balancing effect of our group work with women.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

We help women Re-claim their essential feminine core, Re-value the culturally debased female and apply their authentic voice to gain agency in arenas of decision-making in ways that will Re-balance their lives, their communities, their organizations and the planet.

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

I call myself “the optometrist”. I provide multiple lenses to assist others to see the same material, event, situation with new eyes in order to have more options to make better choices. On the larger screen, I bring the wit and wisdom gained from a journey that took me from community organizing to corporate board rooms, from parenting to politics, from Boston to Bangkok all in service to “bringing the authentic voice of the feminine, not always found in women, to arenas of decision-making to help rebalance the planet”. I received that message on a vision quest, 8.8.’88 and have consciously followed it ever since. I came in with an acute gender lens. In Kindergarten I noticed the boys were being lined up to exit the building in a fire drill before the girls, I came in noticing gender issues. When I asked the Priest why, he said “Because they could be future priests, my dear child.” It took thirty years for me to realize in that framework I was “worth less” and another decade for me to overcome the message.

I have been tracking the major thought forms that aid in my work on gender appreciation since consciousness-raising in the late 60’s. From systems thinkers, like D. Bohm and E. Schein, to feminist theorists like C. Gilligan and G. Lerner, including large map people like R. Steiner and intentional communities like Findhorn, Damanhur, Trigonos.

How would you like to be available to others in this field?

I am willing to connect by internet or telephone and wiling to attend gatherings of like-minded change agents at times and places of convenience.

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