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Patricia with Craig

Patricia Neal

Heartland Inc.
4243 Grimes Ave. So.
Edina, Minnesota 55416, USA

(952) 925-5995
(952) 920-7168 (fax)



What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

What are the points of inspiration that can create a critical mass of awakening to the collective journey and collective responsibility for a consciousness that can create a restorative and sustainable planet?

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

I have many experiences of the circle as the primary essential form for creating community and a culture of renewal, vision, true leadership.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

My true work continues to be working with groups and individuals in the realm of social renewal. I am most passionate about fueling the evolution of society to the point of awareness of essential interconnectedness. I am committed to walking the path toward and creating opportunities for social awakening, interdependence, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

Becoming a mother awakened my interest in creating a legacy for my children, and concern for the collective future that would support a healing, loving world for them. Involvement with many environmental, social and political organizations made me realize that most operate as a single organism. The opportunities for collaboration, and therefore, collective growth spurts is often overlooked as a resource for wisdom. My passion for and 20 year experiences in various Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner communities continues to inform my spiritual, psychic and physical worlds.

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