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Albrecht & Brigitta Mahr

Dr. med. Albrecht Mahr

Institut fur Systemaufstellungan Wurzburg
Mittlerer Dallenbergweg 37a
97082 Wurzburg


I am an M.D. and a psychoanalyst and my main professional field of collective wisdom experience for the last 15 years is systemic constellation work (known and originally initiated as “family constellations” by Bert Hellinger) which is indeed a collective wisdom approach: acknowledging and even loving the truth, the Is-ness of a given reality; deep respect for and inclusion of all members of a group (the practice of re-membering in family, community, organisation, etc.) and of its opponents regardless of their actions*; inclusion of ancestors and other dead members of the group; consciously dealing with potential or realized guilt and evil in ourselves and in every human being: how then the dark can transform into compassionate strength and loving determination. Some years ago I came to name the informing energy field of a constellation “The Knowing Field” with all its typical features described in collective wisdom initiatives e.g. in your and your colleagues excellent booklet Centered on the Edge. Over the past few years the knowing field has proved most effective not only in therapeutic but also in many non-therapeutic fields such as education, organisations, juridical contexts, arts, and politics (e.g. for the last three years I have been running the Research Group on Political Constellations). In 2001 and 2003 I have organised here in Würzburg two international conferences on systemic constellation work with 1600 and 2500 participants which mirrors the enormous collective interest and need to join in the growing awareness of collective wisdom.

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Institut fur Systemaufstellungan Wurzburg

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