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Sarita Chawla

Demeter Matrix Alliance
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What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

How might we individually and collectively be present to emergent truth while contributing towards developing consciousness?

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

It was in 1991, I think, that I was invited to Grafton, by Peter Senge, Sheryl Erickson et. al, to experience dialogue. There were twenty plus from different parts of the world there. We spent about four days tasting and directly experiencing the powerful field of collective consciousness. I touched the mystery not for the first time, but I do think for the first time, collectively. It stirred something deep and old in my soul.

Since then, I studied dialogue, initiated and participated in many many circles. I knew that simply studying was not enough. My husband Ken Murphy and I initiated several diverse circles in California in our home. We initiated ‘Maypole’, a circle of practitioners including Anne Dosher, Alan Gauthier, Joan Kenally, Juanita Brown, David Isaacs, Andrea Dyer, Stephanie Ryan, Craig Fleck, Kristin Cobble, Roger and Margaret Harrison, Mitch and Cindy Saunders, Ronita Johnson and others. We deepened our experience of circles and collective wisdom. I wondered what it might be like to be in a circle with just women. Found that another woman, Sherrin Bennet had the same question. I was invited into the International Women’s Dialogue stream and attended as well as joined the design teams for several over the years. I initiated several Marin Women’s dialogues as well as partnered with Jody Isaacs to create one on the east Coast.

My own direct experience of the value individually and collectively of being in circle led me to a longing for my own circle. Stephanie Ryan, a dear friend and I invited eight other women to join us in creating a life long circle. In the spring of 2007, our Chakra circle will celebrate a decade together. This longing to share led to the creation of a video about our circle, intended to inspire other women to create or return to their own circles. We are about to convert the video to a DVD. This effort has been a not for profit venture, and information is available at

The other part of my work has been in Integral Development. I lead Professional Coaching Courses for New Ventures West as well as have my own clients. I have brought together these passions in an offering of Women’s Circles of Development in Hawaii, California and Boston. (

I bring the practices and structures of circle, dialogue, cafe and collective wisdom into much of my work. My husband and I have also been known to host ‘topic’ dinner parties, where we linger collectively with questions such as “What does it mean to be fully human”, over good food and wine.

We cannot arrive at the truth alone. We cannot arrive at the truth without inquiry. It is from the depths of wisening ourselves individually and collectively that we might encounter the face of God. That is my life’s pursuit.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

I have written much of this above.
At the deepest level of my soul and essence, I know that I am not separate. This work is a practice field to embody that knowing and live more often from that awakened place.

From the location of my essence.

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

Again, I have written much above.
As my spiritual work moves more to the center of my life vs. the periphery, I see a red thread of connection as a through line. The spiritual Inquiry has guided me throughout my life. At times consciously and at times not. My studying Anthropology for my graduate work, and doing my thesis on religion, teachers along the way, both spiritual as well as academic. A major depression which was a dark night of the soul, in which a spiritual sage, Aghenanda Bharati appeared as a guide, a few months after he had passed away.

The Grand silence that appeared un-announced in the Marin Women’s Dialogue in Larkspur, inexplicable and yet just so.

The emergence of the Chakra being, in our circle. An entity of it’s own. Not any one of us, but palpable in it’s own right.

The ancient Sanskritic tradition that is my heritage.

The gift of the Diamond work that I have been engaged in for over seven years.

The mystery prevails, as my friend Stephanie Ryan would say.

How would you like to be available to others in this field? What would be a meaningful connection? Are you available to talk with others? What contribution might you be able to make?

I trust it will unfold.

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