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Bill Baker

Vistar Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 16866
Stamford, Connecticut 06905


Voicepoint, Vistar’s theater ensemble.
Bill is at the extreme right.

What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

How can the experience of the extraordinary unity of Collective Consciousness be brought to ever greater numbers of people until a tipping point is reached?

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

In 1994, I was introduced to Vistar Foundation, a group dedicated to educating the public on the power of Collective Consciousness and on the practicality of the great spiritual teachings about Man's True Nature in everyday life. Before then, I had not been a seeker but had been dissatisfied with traditional, conventional approaches to spirituality. Suddenly, a limitless vista opened before me extending from the common message underlying all religions to a vision of the unity of all people. What was different from anything I had seen before was the rooting of this vista in everyday life -- a vision of being in the world, but not of it.

I experienced what I have since learned to call Collective Consciousness – a state in contact with an invisible realm of wisdom, creativity, and love which allows a group’s whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. I have experienced Grace and miracles and change and the promise of further change and growth. A singer -- a performer for over four decades -- I experienced creativity beyond anything I had dreamed, all flowing, not from a single artist creating alone, but from a group that discovered music, words, movement, and ways to combine them by asking for them from a seemingly unlimited source. It has become life.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

Exploring how this source can be contacted, what must happen inside us to allow that Grace to descend to us, never fails to provoke, amaze, and excite, and looking for ways to give that experience away to others connects to a desire deep in my soul.

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

As a teenager, I came suddenly to a strong conviction that individual religions and sects were somehow missing an essential part of what they wanted to be about. It flowed from a question: Why shouldn’t God have spoken many times to many different peoples in many different places in ways and with messages that each people and each culture could hear? That led to the questions: What if all religions are right? What if they all are the same underneath? These considerations deepened in me as the years passed, but it would be over 30 years before I found a group of people interested in asking those questions and in living based on the answers that gradually unfolded.

How would you like to be available to others in this field?

I am dedicated to the flowering of consciousness in individuals and groups. One means for moving that that direction is the Vistar Method of Communication™ [VMC], a disciplined structure for small group meetings that allows access to the unlimited potential of the Creative Source. The VMC (then called the Vortex Method of Communication) was described in an article about Vistar in the April-June 2007 issue of “What is Enlightenment?” magazine. Vistar Foundation is now looking for ways to bring this extraordinary tool to the public, and I invite all who are curious, or perhaps excited, about sharing this experience to contact Vistar. Visit our website and see what it is about. Email or phone, and ask for information. There is no pressure to join, only to learn and to grow.

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