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Ria Baeck

Vitis tct
Struikstraat 61C
3460 Bekkevoort, BELGIUM
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What is an underlying question that gives form to your work or interest in this field?

How can I/we embody wholeness and evolution in the here and now, again and again, - in a sustainable manner – in and as a group?

What is your personal experience of collective wisdom in groups?

There are two different places where I have experienced the richness and depth of Collective Wisdom.

The first is in a women’s circle I initiated in June 2000. We gathered ‘in circle’ not knowing where we were heading, and found our way to collective wisdom. In every situation we asked ourselves: How can I (re)act out of love? Even if I don’t like what you said or when I am in a hurry? It was an intense and deep journey together, with , its ups and downs. Almost unnoticed, silence took over and we aligned ourselves with the wisdom that spoke through all of us. Out of this experience I developed a map for ongoing groups to find their way to collective wisdom: Becoming the CircleBeing: building the container for collective wisdom.We are still in the process of deepening our experience and understanding of the potential that can be found together.

Another inspiring and fascinating place to see collective wisdom at work is in Systemic Constellation work. It is a great healing tool on the group level. Using their body and their senses, the ‘representatives’ ‘set up’ in ‘a constellation’ can tap into the information of the collective field. This makes it possible to show the hidden dynamics that are at work. Mostly it is used for resolving family issues, but it is proven that it is valuable for a lot of organisational questions.

What is it about the work in this field that excites you and connects you to your own deepest self?

What excites me the most is how to use both fields of experiences to be in service of the whole, and of evolution.

What deep wisdom can we reach together when all participants in a group are fully aligned in themselves?

What deep healing can be done with people in a constellation about cultural and global problems?

How can we combine the feminine competences in a fruitful and sustainable way with the masculine powers of task orientation and focus?

How to go together –as an ongoing group – through ‘the eye of the needle’, the bottom of the U-curve (Scharmer)?

Please provide a brief storyline or snapshot of what brought you to this work.

What brought me to this work is the listening to my inner feeling and intuition.

Being a young mother in the feminist era, convening a women’s circle of Feminist Radical Therapy, brought awareness of an incest experience, which led me – by intuition – to Emotional Body Therapy. I decided to become an emotional body worker myself and started my professional life as a psychotherapist. From ’95 on, I started women’s circles again and we followed the flow: from more shamanic and druidic forms – through meditation – to a search for our highest potential, in ourselves and together. Constellation work called me in the same way: I knew I had to be there, and I still am.

How would you like to be available to others in this field?

I am eager to join different kinds of fruitful experimentation and cross pollination to deepen our understanding of this field, and – at the same time – to be in service of meaningful, far reaching problems.

I am especially interested in connecting (with) the European people in this field

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