Note from the Stewards
of the Collective Wisdom Initiative

This website is a place for gathering elements of this field
and for rendering visible their relationships and interconnections.
We are here for a purpose.

Articulating key ideas.
Reporting research.
Embracing beauty.
Provoking curiosity and inquiry.
Finding others.
Discovering resonance.
Revealing patterns.

We invite your participation.

Founding Stewards of the Collective Wisdom Initiative:

Alan Briskin • Tom Callanan • Sheryl Erickson
Carol Frenier • Deb Higgins • Joan Lederman
Dave Potter • Terri Seever • Chris Strutt

Current Leadership Group:

Sheryl Erickson, Director
Dave Potter, Designer and Webmaster
Terri Seever, Database Management and Fulfillment

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