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Previously Announced Events for 2007

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Kabbalah, Myth, and Archetype: Reviving the Ancient Teachings
with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
May 18, 2007 in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
Most of the time, we consider the realms of archetype and myth to exist only in our unconscious and our imagination. As a consequence, the wisdom embedded in myths and archetypes is rarely understood, experienced, or brought into individual consciousness let alone into decision and action. As an alternative, Carl Jung and Henri Corbin, help us to understand that these realms of archetype and myth have a reality of their own. In the Kabbalistic tradition we find not only a description of those realms, but also methods of how to interact with them. Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, an active colleague in the Collective Wisdom Initiative and one of the world’s greatest proponents of Judaic wisdom, offers a day long experience on how the sacred texts of the Kabbalah, Hasidism, and Judaism provide ways for us to reconnect with these eternal springs of knowledge, wisdom for action.

Dreaming Ceremony
Jan 25-28, '07
Santa Cruz, CA

Dialogue Processes
Feb 5 - May 18, '07
Online via internet

Emergent Change
Feb 5-8, '07
Chinook, WA

Coaching at the Core
Feb 9-11, '07
Cambridge, MA

Power of Questions
Feb 17, '07

Evolutionary Leadership
Feb 20-23, '07
Sausalito, CA

Retreat  for Women
Feb 21-25, '07
Essex, MA

Women Moving the Edge
Mar 3-6, '07

Conversation Week
Mar 25-31, '07
World Wide

Appreciative Inquiry

Dec & Mar, '07
Cleveland, OH

Nexus for Change
Mar 22-23, '07
Bowling Green, OH

Embodied Presence
Apr 12-15, '07
Rosendale, NY

Science & Consciousness
Apr 20-25, '07
Santa Fe, NM

Creating Conversations
Apr 29—May 4, '07
Wellesley, MA

Family Constellations
May 1 & 2, '07
Rockville, MD

World Cafe Europe
May 3-5, '07
Dresden, GERMANY

Collective Leadership
May 14-18, '07
Hancock, MA

Kabbalah, Myth and Archetype
May 18, '07
Brattleboro, VT

Living Spiritual Elders
May 28-Jul 16, '07
Saco, MA

Berkana Women's Leadership Revival
Apr 23, 
May 11, 
May 17, 
May 19, 
Jun 7, 
Jun 22

Mind/Life Summer Inst.
Jun 3-9, '07
Garrison, NY

Art/Practice of Presencing
Jun 15, '07
Rhinebeck, NY

Authentic Leadership
Jun 24-30,'07
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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