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 One Million Blessings Project

CWI colleague, Barbara Nussbaum, has called our attention to an Internet experiment that might be considered a practice for collective wisdom: bringing blessings to one another and to situations of concern around world wide. The experiment is entitled One Million Blessings and involves use of the Internet to offer a short meditation, an experience of photographic images and accompanying music: “May You Be Blessed”. We are making this mediation movie available here to all our CWI website visitors, and encourage you to likewise pass it on.

A few thoughts on the potential power of bringing blessings to one another and to specific situations of concern. From the invitation to the project experiment:

“Though not always visible, there is within everyone and everything a divine and holy spark of goodness. Whenever we bless any person, situation, or thing in our lives, we are, in essence, recognizing that goodness, acknowledging its inherent value, and in so doing, fanning the spark into a flame. Each and every time we bless another, we don't just make a difference, we heal the world.

Blessing another person or a situation ... takes only the time necessary to think a good thought, which is little time indeed. Despite its simplicity, however, it has a ripple effect that will continue long after the initial blessing has been forgotten. With enough of us actively blessing others, the ripple could be immensely strengthened, building with each blessing until it becomes a quake of goodness strong enough to be felt across the universe.

We have the ability to cause a true tsunami of blessings. Right now at this very moment, with nothing more than our silent agreement to band together, we can begin to radically and forever change the world.”

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