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Previously Announced Events for 2006

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Conference: Collective Wisdom: The Wisdom of Shared Fields. New Perspectives for Resolution in Small and Large Group Conflicts, in Families, Social Groups and in Politics
April 28-30, 2006, Wurzburg, GERMANY

A large conference inviting people who value collective intelligence and support it through their work in the fields of therapy, science, politics, spiritual traditions, peace groups and art, and those involved in global crisis areas. Over 40 featured presenters from Great Britain, South Africa, Rwanda, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Canada, Austria, The Netherlands and USA, including authors Marshal Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication) and Rupert Sheldrake (Morphic Fields). Keynote presentations, small group plenary sessions, World Cafe and Community Council processes. Designed to provide an opportunity for participants to personally experience collective intelligence and shared wisdom in ways that will become usable for their own life and practice. (750-1000 people)


Moving The Edge
March 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

Shared Fields
April 28—30, '06
Wurzburg, Germany

Archetypes & Wisdom


May, July, Sep '06
Vermont & Italy


Presence Walkabouts
June & Sep '06
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Conscious Evolution

July 22, '06   
Ojai, California


Constellation Intensive
Aug 3-9, '06
Santa Barbara, Californi

Pioneers of Change
Aug 19-25, '06
Nova Scotia, Canada

Focusing Intensive
Aug 21-27, '06
New York

Collective Shadow
Sep 10-13, '06

Dalai Lama
Sep 17, '06
Denver, Colorado


Hosting Conversation
Sep 24-27, 2006
Bowen Island, BC

Spiritual Elders
Sep 28-Nov 16
Saco, Maine

October 19-22, '06
Ashland, Oregon

Moving The Edge
October 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

October 27, '06
Petaluma, CA


Nov/Dec '06, Feb '07
Germany, Switz., Austria


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