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Other Contributions
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Holographic Theory and Groups and The Sentient Heart: Messages for Life

Two essays by Renee Levi of The Resonance Project. A part of her PhD research on collective resonance, both essays contain exceptionally clear descriptions of current theories related to group fields along with background information on how and from where these theories emerged. See also Elements and Shifting Factors of Collective Resonance.

Calling Out Our Potential

In a thought-provoking paper summarizing two Fetzer/IONS-sponsored, national dialogues on the powerful impact of group service and synergy upon the common good, Robert Kenny and Julie Glover discuss collective consciousness and wisdom, the difference between community and communion, resonance, attunement, field effects and entrainment, among other issues. They examine how collective wisdom incorporates diverse perspectives and manifests holistic, creative solutions for the complex organizational and social problems we face -- resulting in a synergistic holism that exceeds the sum of the individual contributions. They also discuss the unique characteristics of synergistic groups; the conditions and processes that support the development of collective wisdom; and the larger sociocultural trends that the widespread emergence of collective wisdom is reflecting.