Vista Alegre, Brazil

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The GeoPoint, now called Vista Alegre, began 22 years ago when Sandra Guimaraes, a trained bioenergetics therapist, bought land in Brazil "sitio da cachoeira", ranch of the water fall, because she sensed its healing powers. Her original idea was to build a space in nature and beauty that would open people to healing processes. For many years she has treated her clients at this place actualizing the original vision. People came to spent a week in this lush natural setting. They experienced individual psycho therapeutic sessions with Sandra and were introduced to practices of the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, which Sandra had been studying and practicing for over 20 years. The place eventually came to be used for group retreats as well individual healing work.

In 1999, Thais Corral started therapy with Sandra and from there a very deep friendship unfolded, which became the basis of a partnership leading to a new venture, the center called Vista Alegre. For this, Thais bought extra land adjoining Sandra's. Thais's mountain rests side-by-side and now as one with Sandra's valley.

On the new land Sandra and Thais have built two houses to accommodate 22 people. The focus of the center, now called Vista Alegre, is leadership development. It has been built to support the development of the inner dimension of leadership, as well as outer resources of collective leadership that will guide the transition for a wisdom civilization.

Vista Alegre is directly connected to the Global Leadership Network (GLN), who together believe that the change that the world needs today will depend on the quality of the relationship we can have with ourselves, with the people that surround us and with the planet. Guiding questions are:

How can we develop and connect the inner and outer dimensions of our work and leadership?

How can we find truly pragmatic ways to resolve the world's challenges without compromising the depth of our inspiration and aspiration?

How can we sustain our commitments in the world and avoid burn out, and balance those commitments with the responsbilities to our local and national community, as well as to our personal and family life?

How do leaders shaped by one cultural context learn to respect and interact effectively with leaders shaped by another, very different culture?

How must our understanding of gender deepen in order to develop the kind of leadership our planet needs?

How can we balance the feminine and masculine qualities within ourselves?

How can we help people to be more aligned with their positive intentions?

A fundamental belief is that the power of GeoPoints places like Vista Alegre will help leaders and entrepreneurs fine tune positive intentions and align with positive change in the world.

Vista Alegre distinguishes itself as a GeoPoint and center for leadership development by five fundamental principles:

Simplicity - letting nature show the way, uncovering what does not belong to essence.

Elegance - the mastery of details that express style and quality

Pragmatism - mobilizing energy for sustainable leadership

Depth - depth and breath of connecting the inner and outer resources of present possibilities

Humanity - cultivating the respect of individual and cultural diversity while also representing the potential unity of our shared humanity.

In October 2007 the GLN community met at Vista Alegre to develop a new curriculum on Leadership for Climate Security and to participate in a retreat about the "Power of Time" ( This gathering was celebrated as an initiation and official launch of Vista Alegre as GeoPoints Brazil.

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