© 2001 Chris Strutt

Droplets of Consciousness
by Chris Strutt

The ocean

We often live very much like water in the ocean - a kind of "tribal" group consciousness; a collective that doesn't know itself so well as separate. The droplets of water tossed up above the ocean, are like us tossed around by the ups and downs of life, feeling in turn isolated or belonging - always one or the other, at the mercy of forces which seem beyond our control.


The true process of individuation begins to happen when we open to our inner guidance, just as the water opens to the energy of the rays of the sun. The water evaporates, and in the process is purified, leaving behind the salt deposits. So we free ourselves from the 'ego' – the traits and habits of the personality. We begin to remember who we really are, and to live more fully into into our transpersonal gifts, and the unique purpose of our lives.


This individual spiritual path usually leads us to a new kind of group. Water vapor rises into the atmosphere, and condenses into a suspension of pure water in the form of clouds - still very much water, but internally restructured to live as gas now instead of liquid. Similarly we now seek out and find like-minded, like-hearted people who may look the same on the outside, yet have undergone some degree of inner growth and transformation. We are now able - and are drawn - to be together in a more "wholistic" group formation; a more inclusive, expansive, universal formation. This is a liberating formation in which we are able to practice knowing our oneness AND simultaneously offering our unique gifts. And so our spiritual transformation continues, in a very much enhanced and accelerated manner. We are now a suspension of enlightened individual beings within a field of higher consciousness.


Now the cloud moves, blown by the wind, purposefully carrying pure life-sustaining water over land, or wherever it is needed. Similarly the wholistic group invites the direction of divine guidance, and moves to action through its collective wisdom and insights. Just as the cloud drops its gifts of water, and quietly melts away soon to reform --- so too do wholistic groups give their gifts wherever they are needed, forming and reforming as their collective consiousness dictates.

Flowing back to the ocean

The rain nourishes all life on the planet, gathering and moving all the while in tributaries and rivers, until finally it returns to the ocean. Perhaps we too move on our spiritual paths along all manner of branches and tributaries, doing our best to hold firm our highest intentions, and own our conscious choices moment to moment. We gently give our gifts of healing to all life that we encounter, perhaps even when we're not aware of it, until finally we go to rest ourselves. Perhaps to start all over again in the ocean.