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Wise Old One
© 2006 Karen Speerstra & Joel Speerstra
[ from Hunab-Ku, pg. 241]

This carved phalange, estimated to have been carved around 2000 BCE, was found in Almeria, Spain. Surrounding the eyes carved onto this particular bone are enigmatic lines and designs like ancient script—triangles, hourglass shapes, and nets. Many carved phalanges found in graves and Neolithic settlements have round owl eyes. Owls, many still believe, can see into the future and often symbolize death, regeneration and life beyond this dimension. We see many “undecipherables.” We sometimes feel surrounded by a language we cannot read or speak. But “Wise Old Ones” usually know how to read the script. Elders, because of their experiences, have learned the art of living by listening to their own wise counselor within, their own quiet inner voices. Who are the “Owls” in your midst? How are Elders honored in your group? What Elder-wisdom may be left untapped? Indigo: Deep purple is a “royal color” and in many early cultures, only those in power were allowed to wear clothing dyed with expensive purple. Dark blue-purple helps manifest dreams. What happens in a group when everyone is empowered to wear the royal color? When everyone has “power.” When you all celebrate everyone’s intuitive powers. In Sanskrit, dark blue is called nila and the most suitable environment in which to meditate. Purple-blue is the color of night, of deep access, and of dreams.