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Sound and Vibration
© 2006 Karen Speerstra & Joel Speerstra
[ from Hunab-Ku, pg. 193]

This traditional dot-painted wooden plaque comes from Port Keats, in the Northern Territory of Australia. “Grandmother snakes” are powerful manifestations of the rainbow on earth. When sacred stories and songs are forgotten, the land will die, according to Aboriginal thinking. Sound vibrates with pure energy. What songs and stories are waiting to be shared? Who are the bards among you? The bard, or bardagh, kept history alive in Celtic oral traditions. The bard was called to reform morals and customs, to secure the peace and to praise all that is excellent. Singers and storytellers spread truthful knowledge. Honor them. Blue: blue, the color for the throat chakra, tranquilizes, slows one’s pulse and suggests deep breathing. Blue encourages us to speak our authentic truths.