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© 2006 Karen Speerstra & Joel Speerstra
[ from Hunab-Ku, pg. 13]

The Great Mound Serpent near Locust Grove, Ohio is an Adena or Hopewell earth Mound twenty feet wide and up to five feet high in places. Like the Asian “cosmic dragon, the serpent’s “jaws” seem to encircle an egg. The Hopi people believe the ancients created this earthwork to protect their “eastern gate.” The “serpent archetype” appears in most cultures, calling people to “wake up” and “access your wisdom.” Red ochre often appears in earth mounds. Curling at the collective “spine” is kundalini energy. Honor and attention can allow it to rise. When groups “wake up” their collective wisdom can spiral. Red: a primal color curling at the base of one’s spine: birth-blood, death-blood, sunrise, sunset.