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© 2006 Karen Speerstra & Joel Speerstra
[ from Hunab-Ku, pg. 157]

This gold “bird-cross” plaque was created around 1100 CE in Peru. All crosses reach out to the four directions, intersecting the horizontal with the vertical. Crosses connect, and form a symbol showing us where and how forces come together. Crossroads are sacred spots, hallowed ground. The cross can also symbolize the cosmic tree of life—a place from which springs all life. On the cross, everything hangs in the balance. Crosses, at least in the Christian tradition, call forth sacrifice. What may need to be sacrificed for your collective wisdom to blossom like the World Tree and to move forth in all directions. Green: the green heart chakra is the crossroads place where all things connect; in our bodies, it balances the three body colors below and the three spirit colors above.