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© 2006 Karen Speerstra & Joel Speerstra
[ from Hunab-Ku, pg. 165]

The Futami Rocks or “Married Rocks” are a Shinto holy place off the coast of Japan’s Ise Sima National Park. The “husband/brother” rock has a Tori gate at the top. A place where birds can roost. The smaller rock represents the female twin; from this mythic union came all the islands now forming Japan. An intricately braided rice straw rope links the two rocks and each year on January 5th, a new rope bridge is ritually placed on this rocky shrine. Bridges open up possibilities; bridges join and allow people and ideas to cross over. Like the Futami Rocks, bridges create partnerships. Couples like to come to these rocks to pledge their commitment to one another. What partnerships, carefully joined, may further your creativity? Green: Sacred color of the Moslems because it represents paradise with its eternal gardens, green relaxes and stabilizes emotions. In Christian iconography, green symbolizes the color of the Holy Spirit. Honor “the Sacred” in your midst.