Our self-published small book Centered on the Edge: Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom (COTE) (2001), a companion piece and complement to recently published Berrett-Koehler book (2009) The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly is now available @ $12 per copy + Shipping (1-25 copies) or @ $10 per copy + Shipping (26 or more copies). (COTE was originally priced @ $25 per copy). Over the years, colleagues and friends have told us time and again how they are using COTE as gifts, conversation starters, supplemental handouts, inspirational writing for workshops and seminars or for more reflective meetings. COTE is a natural companion piece to The Power of Collective Wisdom. Email Terri Seever for Order Form to purchase. VISA and MC accepted.

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