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(c) 2000 Alan Briskin

African Tree

"I was with a group of people at Phinda Game Reserve, part of Conservation Corporation in South Africa. At the beginning of the day, I asked Walter, our driver and guide,if he might take us to a beautiful part of the reserve for seeing the sunset. We both shared an interest in photography and he said he knew the perfect place. We stayed late into the afternoon, watching a pride of lions, and by the time we got going, the sun had begun to descend. I knew that if we waited to get to the perfect place, there would be little light left. I asked Walter if he might pull to the side of the road, where I photographed this tree. I keep this image in my home and office, reminding me not to wait for the perfect place, because there is so much beauty along the way." - Alan Briskin

This photo is found on pgs. 8 and 9 of Centered on the Edge