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© 2005 Dana Lynne Andersen

Autumn in the Garden of Eden
8x24 ft. Acrylic on Canvas

"Autumn in the Garden of Eden explores the Eternity beyond infinity that is the source of our Being and the destiny of our evolution. At the center is the Tree of Life in the timeless Garden of Eden within. In many cultures the Tree of Life is an archetype that represents the origin and center of the World. In the microcosm that mirrors the macrocosm, the Tree of Life is also the center within each individual; the chakra studded spinal axis that links heaven and earth. The title originates in a play on the phrase ‘the fall of man’, and it addresses head on the fundamental assumption of traditional theology- that humanity has fallen and creation itself is a mistake. In Autumn in the Garden of Eden the ‘fall of humanity’ is conceived of as a season rather than an ontological descent. Creation occurs as the Absolute overflows in superabundance, just as in autumn when the potent patterns of nature are compressed into seeds scattered in joyous profusion. Thus, in a sudden shift of perception we are removed from the age old understanding of the world as a punishment, and entered into a vibrant contemporary cosmology that celebrates Creation as an expression of Divine Intelligence."
- Dana Lynne Andersen

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