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Previously Announced Events for 2006

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Dalai Lama Public Talk
September 17, 2006 - Denver, Colorado, USA
What does the Dalai Lama have to do with collective wisdom? Well, just about everything. For almost 20 years the Dalai Lama has been meeting with prominent scientists from around the world and helped sponsor a fruitful collaboration between brain researchers and Tibetan monks. He has been one of the most effective advocates for the marriage of science and spirituality, embracing scientific methods and noting that our moral thinking has not been able to keep pace with the rapid acquisition of knowledge and power. As a religious figure, he has embraced a secular ethic that pairs compassion, tolerance, a sense of caring, and consideration of others with the responsible use of knowledge and power. He has helped all of us see that collective wisdom begins with the qualities of mind that can embrace opposites and see new possibilities. Experience the presence of the Dalai Lama and his ability to create a field of compassion, preparing our mind to listen more deeply, to respect diversity and difference, and to be ready to receive insight. DVD available


Moving The Edge
March 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

Shared Fields
April 28—30, '06
Wurzburg, Germany

Archetypes & Wisdom


May, July, Sep '06
Vermont & Italy


Presence Walkabouts
June & Sep '06
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Conscious Evolution

July 22, '06   
Ojai, California


Constellation Intensive
Aug 3-9, '06
Santa Barbara, Californi

Pioneers of Change
Aug 19-25, '06
Nova Scotia, Canada

Focusing Intensive
Aug 21-27, '06
New York

Collective Shadow
Sep 10-13, '06

Dalai Lama
Sep 17, '06
Denver, Colorado


Hosting Conversation
Sep 24-27, 2006
Bowen Island, BC

Spiritual Elders
Sep 28-Nov 16
Saco, Maine

October 19-22, '06
Ashland, Oregon

Moving The Edge
October 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

October 27, '06
Petaluma, CA


Nov/Dec '06, Feb '07
Germany, Switz., Austria


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