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Previously Announced Events for 2006

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The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Pioneers of Change Network
August 19-25, 2006 - Nova Scotia, CANADA

Held on the East Coast of Canada at The Shire - a protected ecological learning community, leadership training ground and venue for the common good. Summer School will be an opportunity to engage with other Pioneers from around the Globe. If you are in your mid 20s to mid 30s and are working to create a better world, come and meet with young practitioners from many countries who are working in all areas of their societies for positive change. It will be a place to bring your burning questions and best learning to engage in a global community for 6 days. We intend to create a space where we can move to the next level in our individual and collective Pioneering.


Moving The Edge
March 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

Shared Fields
April 28—30, '06
Wurzburg, Germany

Archetypes & Wisdom


May, July, Sep '06
Vermont & Italy


Presence Walkabouts
June & Sep '06
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Conscious Evolution

July 22, '06   
Ojai, California


Constellation Intensive
Aug 3-9, '06
Santa Barbara, Californi

Pioneers of Change
Aug 19-25, '06
Nova Scotia, Canada

Focusing Intensive
Aug 21-27, '06
New York

Collective Shadow
Sep 10-13, '06

Dalai Lama
Sep 17, '06
Denver, Colorado


Hosting Conversation
Sep 24-27, 2006
Bowen Island, BC

Spiritual Elders
Sep 28-Nov 16
Saco, Maine

October 19-22, '06
Ashland, Oregon

Moving The Edge
October 20-23, '06
Aarhus, Denmark

October 27, '06
Petaluma, CA


Nov/Dec '06, Feb '07
Germany, Switz., Austria


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