"How is collective wisdom accessed and expressed through art, images, symbols, and aesthetic practice?"


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SEED PAPER: Inner Image and the Collective Experience

Writing from her personal experiences, Carol Hegedus illuminates the processes by which individuals can glean images that are emanating from the group—images which, if brought forth and understood by the group, are often the vehicles for "unfolding insight," insights that linear thinking alone cannot produce. In addition to the article, the author offers a set of questions to organize and evoke further conversation and inquiry about this subject and an illustration of how images emerge within groups based on her observations of the CWI team. Feel free to use these as a basis for offering a response by clicking on the yellow notepad icon at the bottom of each of the papers.

Alan's Apothecary by Chris Strutt

"This is an image ... actually sketched 26 July 2000 after a conversation with Alan. It jumped out at me now because of the prominence of the vials labelled 'Love' and 'Forgiveness' ...  now central to Fetzer's mission."

Droplets of Consciousness by Chris Strutt

"We often live very much like water in the ocean - a kind of 'tribal' group consciousness; a collective that doesn't know itself so well as separate. The droplets of water tossed up above the ocean, are like us tossed around by the ups and downs of life, feeling in turn isolated or belonging - always one or the other, at the mercy of forces which seem beyond our control."