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Centered On the Edge - Mapping a Field of Collective Intelligence & Spiritual Wisdom is a 90 page exploration into those moments of magic when collective insight, co-creation and action emerge within groups. Over 100 people were surveyed about their work with groups and 61 were interviewed. The authors have endeavored to mirror back what these people said; to bring form to the images and energies that pulsated throughout this process; to capture some of the textures and multi-dimensionality of the deeper harmonic which were heard and felt.

To respond to the multi-dimensionality of the phenomenon and to honor the many different ways readers may choose to access information and create meaning, Centered On the Edge includes poetry; quotations; color; photography; archetypal images; original art.

At the heart of Centered On the Edge is an intricately woven braid of three strands of writing. One strand of this braid is a series of eight pattern stories written by Alan Briskin. Each story is an excerpt from one of the interviews, followed by commentary from Alan highlighting some of the insights and paradoxes the stories reveal. We call these "pattern stories" because the themes, organizational elements, and group dynamics evident in each story appeared repeatedly throughout the interviews. To see the eight stories, go to Pattern Stories on the Collective Wisdom Initiative web site.

Interwoven with the pattern stories is a second strand of writing, the principles. Given form by Chris Strutt, these principles also emerged from the transcripts, and are organized into three categories: Elements of the Experience, Significance of Gathering, and Practices for Preparing and Opening.

The third strand of this braid is the metaphor clusters. Joan Lederman read and listened to every word of the transcripts, with an ear for the natural and metaphoric ways people describe their experiences of collective intelligence and spiritual wisdom.

To see selected portions of Centered On the Edge, go to the Table of Contents.

NOTE: The portions accessible through the Table of Contents are in PDF format and may be slow to load from a dial-up connection. Wait to see if your browser recognizes PDF format, and if not, you may need to download Acrobat Reader.

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To see what has developed since the publication of this book, see the Collective Wisdom Initiative web site.